A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.


Mums' Cottage is a charitable community service that bases its foundation on empowering and improving the potential in the lives of families.


We walk with families as they take the first step to transition from  difficult times to a brighter future.


Mums' Cottage affirms the sacredness of each person and respects their dignity. We offer an invitation for each person to realise their full potential.



Mission Statement

Mums' Cottage offers companionship, guidance, education and assistance to all members of the family unit. 

 Mums' Cottage is committed to alleviating difficulties by providing:

  •  A welcoming environment where families can heal and be guided to stabilise their lives and venture onwards to a brighter future.
  •  Access to Mentors, Disability Services, Case Coordination, Legal Guidance, Financial Guidance, Health Care, Educational Services, Parenting Program's, Workshops and Combined Family Events.
  • Meetings for safety, support, companionship & guidance.
  • Assistance in finding emergency accomodation, clothing, household items and food.
  • Phone mentoring


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